Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Review

Pure Fix Cycles Offers One of the Greatest Cycles Available Under This Price Tag

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pure fix fixie bikes For anyone looking at bikes right now to go to work, school or simply a nice ride to keep fit, pure fix fixie bikes are one of those reliable and durable bikes you could find in the market. There are many bike brands with different technologies and in all sorts of colours for various purposes nowadays. So finding the right bike might just be as good as finding a needle in a haystack. However, you need not boil your head too much on it as pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bikes are here to help.

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About Pure Fix Fixie Bikes:

Pure Fix Fixie Bikes Review  Summary

Neosport Wetsuit Review
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Pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bikes have some amazing features that will make you want to land your hands on this one.  Firstly, this bike is popular among most people for having a flip-flop rear wheel hub, which will allow you to switch alternatively between a single speed or a fixed gear bike. Further, the deep-dish 50mm wheels make the ride smooth and comfortable with minimum pressure on the tire and that will account for the durability of the tires.

When talking about durability, the frame of the bicycle is made of high-tensile, fully Tig-welded steel which comes in an array of different colours. It will give lasting protection from any sort of rust or corrosion and is strong in make. Therefore, it is as great as it could be when it comes to weight support and lasting usage. To add to the other advantages, the pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bikes comes with an easily removable front brake.

Further specifications would be; Wheelset: Pure Cycles 40mm Deep-Dish 32-Hole Rims, Alloy Flip-Flop Hubs, Chain: KMC Z-410; Handlebar: Pure Cycles alloy 30mm Riser, Stem: Pure Cycles Alloy, Grips: Pure Cycles Rubber.

Brand name components include Kenda Tires and Tubes, Oury Grips and KMC Chain.

As an added benefit, the pure fix cycles believes that individuals are unique and therefore has allowed to personalize your bike as you see fit. They have a variety of components of different sizes, shapes and colours that you could add to your bike and since the stock is constantly in the process of updating, you will never run out of an exciting article piece for your new bike! In addition, just when you thought it could not have gotten any better, these Pure fix original fixed gear single speed bikes comes handy with a life time warranty which itself is a proud resemblance of the high quality they boast!

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Other Features of the Pure Fix Fixie Bikes

The Pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bike usually weighs around 22 to 24 pounds but the weight depends on the size of the bike you buy. You could determine the size by standing by the side of the bike and if the seat is just parallel to your hip or in that area, that is a fit bike for you. When it comes to choosing a bike for you, you may pay attention to the tiniest detail and here is a list of the tiny details you might want to look into.

Pure Fix Fixie Bikes Pros

  • Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie.
  • Deep Dish 50mm Wheels.
  • Kenda 700c x 28 Tires and Tubes.
  • High Tensile, fully Tig-welded steel frame.
  • Flip-Flop rear wheel hub.
  • Hubs: Custom Pure Fix Lasered KT Quandos.
  • KMC chain.
  • Oury Grips.
  • 60mm Presta valves to retain pressure.
  • Weight: 22 to 24 pounds depending on size.
  • Gear Ratio: 44:16 and 74.25 gear inches using the KMC Chain.
  • Neco thread-less headset (holds Zoom riser handlebars with Oury grips on Neco stem.

Pure Fix Fixie Bikes Cons

Even though the Pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bike is all about durability, unfortunately enough, they use Kenda tires, which are not very durable. The bike itself is durable but the tires are not but you could consider replacing them with a better quality pair if you are planning on doing more than just cruising around. However, the quality of the tires are justified by the price of the bike, which is uncommonly cheap!

Some of the customers have complained about the seat not being the most comfortable of them all and often gives a bad backache. However, for daily riders, seats with thick padding or gel is available in the market for better comfort.

On another point, the bike is said to be pretty heavy but that could be understood with the metal frame and all the fuss about durability.

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Overall, the Final Conclusion About Pure Fix Fixie Bikes

Apart from the tiny discomforts of the bike, the pure fix original fixed gear single speed fixie bike offers a great deal for that price range. It is durable and reliable in functionality and perfect for urban living. It is a good bike to start off with and there is nothing more wrong with the bike other than for the hard seat. With the option of personalizing available, you could flaunt your own style with this bike and should be able to truly call it your own! This bike surely is an incredible deal and you would not want to let go of such a good quality bike for such a great price!

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