Vortex Viper Pst 6-24×50 Ffp Review

It could be confusing or even often misleading when the modern market has a range of closely related products to select from. However, since personal needs and desires differ with each individual, choosing what works for you is of utmost importance.

Since there are a lot of those high-end riflescopes boasting various complicated features, vortex viper pst 6-24×50 ffp allows for simplicity intermingled with precision to cater to your own personal riflescope needs. When looking out and about to buy a riflescope, there is no need to say that you should take a close look at this one for all the advantages it accommodates.

Vortex viper precision shooting tactical is a riflescope associated with all those fine features of superior riflescopes at a price comfortable to you. It is an absolutely stunning piece of workmanship with fast and super accurate dialing shots with matching recticle and turret measurements. Vortex viper pst 6-24×50 ffo is a single piece 30mm tube, carefully crafted using aircraft quality aluminum which affords plenty of windage and adjustment of elevation as per your individual shooting needs. These vortex viper riflescopes are built housing a mass of argon gas which makes if fog proof when dealing with different environmental and temperature conditions

Vortex Viper Pst 6-24×50 Ffp Appearance

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Image Quality:

The multi-coated lenses minimize light reflection, which ensures high caliber images despite the light conditions it has to face. The optically indexed lenses caters to you a highly sharp and bright image with the true reticle use for full range. The XD lens elements helps in the increment of resolution, colour and contrast, which enables you to see long-range objects as if with your own eyes.
Tad-bits of the Crafting:

Compared larger and wider tubes, such as the one inch, the 30mm tube provides ample area for wider adjustment latitude and more strength in core. Since it is a one-piece tube, the vortex viper optimizes alignment to gain improved precision and performance with an added benefit of being waterproof. Owing to the aircraft grade aluminum construction from solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum, it delivers an elevated stringency or rigidity making the instrument resistant to much wear and tear as possible.

For the unconvinced:

The waterproof O-ring prevents moisture, dust and debris from getting inside of the tube as it is a real challenge faced by a number of people when working in different terrestrial environmental conditions from time to time. In order to remain in perfect alignment and resist impact at the same time, the shockproof lenses are locked in place, for and aft, with machined locking rings of high quality. As an added advantage, the hard-anodized finish (type 3 hard coat anodization) makes it more durable and the low glare matte finish helps to camouflage the position of the shooter. To add to the excitement, ArmorTek ultra hard scratch resistant coating repels oils and other corrosive salts and agents on all the outer glass surfaces.

About the precision:

In the event of dialing large amounts of elevation corrections, the CRS zero stop, which the patent is awaiting, (customizable rotational stop) will determine you from dialing more than one rotation below your zero so that you do not lose your mark. In order to make the range calculations speedy and highly accurate with the subtention marks that match the reticle, vortex viper boastfully has utilized tall, uncapped turrets.

The first focal plane reticle scale remains in proportion to the zoomed image. Constant subtentions will provide for accurate holdover and ranging at all magnification levels where there will be no shift in the point of impact during zoom. The glass etched reticle surely provides optimum durability for the product added together with reliability which will enhance your aiming and shooting tasks.

Did you hear about the light settings?

The illumination control could be turned on or turned off with one single cluck between each intensity level, which in turn allows access to preferred illumination setting without you practically having to adjust or progress through each of the intensity levels, which will put most of you off half the time. It is positioned at 45 degrees off the left side of the eyepiece for your convenience and super easy adjustment without obstruction to your view.

Some more things to get excited about:

The focusing speed and accuracy in the vortex viper is amazingly great and easy which will allow you to shift in your focal points. Side parallel uses an adjustment mechanism on the left side of the riflescope, to fine tune focus, which will get rid of any errors possible. Also with an enormous magnification up to 60×, the vortex viper 6-24×50 is surely an asset to behold for all the rifle enthusiasts.

However, everything has a downside:

Amidst the very many efforts taken to prevent debris and dust from collecting inside the lenses, certain buyers have had issues when dealing with challenging and extreme environments. Therefore, after a while, seeing through the glass debris becomes rather a difficult task. In addition, even though the description says that you could choose between the two focal planes, buyers have complained that the option was not available. The illuminated reticle is not visible at night and that might be a problem for some of the buyers. Due to pressure, the eye lens has a probability of cracking from the edge and may not seem so durable in that aspect. All in all even though the vortex viper ffp has its minute disadvantages, it is a good product overall.

The riflescope has received 80% Amazon five star ratings and that itself is a good indicator to you of the product. When choosing this product it is mandatory that you weigh the pros and cons to decide whether to buy or not. As it is cheaper than most riflescopes in the market, you will not be spending a thumping amount on a third-grade instrument. Vortex viper ffp is an easily mountable, trustworthy riflescope for all your long distance shooting needs. With all that said, don’t you think it’s definitely worth a try?

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