Neosport Wetsuit Review

Perfect Match Cycling, Hiking, White Water Rafting and Wild Camping

Neosport Wetsuit Review

NeoSport Wetsuit are the ultimate adventurer’s rescue when it comes to wet and watery situations. in our NeoSport Wetsuit Review we noted If you are a person constantly exposed to wet weather conditions and does activities such as cycling, hiking, white water rafting, wild camping or even an often visitor to the beach, the NeoSport wetsuits premium Neoprene 3mm Hi top zipper boots are your perfect match. They will constantly support you through your thick and thin and will prove to be a very reliable pair of boots in the long run.

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About Premium Neoprene 3m Hi Top Zipper boots:

Neosport Wetsuit Review  Summary

Neosport Wetsuit Review
Design Quality
Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry
Durable High Traction Sole

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Neosport Wetsuit  are being manufactured and crafted out of original, superior quality Neoprene material with the added advantage of the boots being styled a bit differently than earlier versions and other brands. The neoprene premium 3mm boots have adapted a novel design with a zipper and the hi top style to keep your feet dry and comfortable even when the rains or the water levels are high. If you want to keep your feet warm and dry while also being constantly exposed to wet surfaces and wet environmental conditions NeoSport Wetsuit are the way to go.

Not only it keeps your feet dry, it also gives you a lot of stability to your feet and eases your walking while having the boots on without making you waddle like a duck. The downside of most of the Neoprene boots from other lesser known brands is the fact that they can get really hard to walk in. however, the NeoSport Wetsuits premium neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots provide you with great support and will not obstruct your walking. The boots also does not cling too tightly on to the skin as it is the case sometimes and causes skin irritation or even worse, cuts. The NeoSport wetsuits premium neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots are especially decided to avoid all those loopholes and to provide you comfort while you use them.

The hi top zipper boots have a quite strong water entry barrier so it will hold with ease to your feet unless under the pressure of extremely heavy scuba gear. The heavy duty zipper along with the Velcro provides maximum support to the boots to prevent water exchange and services to you a fit durable puncture resistant sole. This feature of the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots are amazingly useful when it comes to walking along the beach or on wet boat decks or any other rough surface. These surfaces may contain puncturing items but NeoSport wetsuits premium neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots are insured against all those possible damages.

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Other features of the Neosport Wetsuit

The seams of the neoprene boots are both stitched and glued so there is absolutely no entry possible for water. It keeps your feet dry – rest assured. The heavy duty adhesives used to keep the boots intact and in its optimal condition and provides strong wrap around guard, making it hard for the boot to come off. And, trust me, you do not want one of your boots go flying in the middle of sky boarding!

Customer Reviews about Neosport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene

Well, they have given the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Hi Top Zipper boots are 4.5 star rating and that rating speaks for itself. The boots are associated with words such as great, good quality, best ever, comfortable, etc. the boots have provided a satisfactory service to most buyers and since we know that pleasing everyone is not possible, 4.5 stars are as good as it gets. And we have to be satisfied at that level, though someone will always complain about some malfunction or the other.

NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene boots: Pros and Cons

3mm Neoprene material of superior quality.Can feel lose on the sides and at ankles
Keeps the feet warm and dry.Not slip resistant.
Adaptable for harsh weather conditions.Need to be careful on slippery surfaces.
Seams are stitched as well as glued for better support.Breakages in certain extreme instances.
Durable high traction sole.
Boots can even resist high loads of scuba gear.
Puncture resistant.
Hard inner sole.
Does not slip off easily.
Novel design.
Attached Velcro.
Heavy duty YKK zippers are used.
Presence of a water entry barrier.
Works well as a multi-sport boot.
Balances warmth in contrast to cold environments.

These boots are an A-list choice of many sportspeople and have been used in many sports over the years. Rowing, scuba diving, wind surfing, hiking, river tubing, rafting, skiing and all similar leisurely activities that include a good bit of water has been seeing the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots constantly. It provides great thermal protection for heat resistance and provides good feet support. The boots can weigh up to 2 pounds and it is considered lightweight when thinking of boots. It also has a limited warranty of one year.

 Recent Neosport Wetsuit Reviews from Verified Purchase

Neosport Wetsuit Review- Great product for the price. I’ve worn these kayaking and walked a few miles in them now, and they hold up pretty well in rough terrain. I got into a few tricky situations kayaking last time and had to swim, these shoes provide solid protection against the rocky mountain rivers I have used them in. The one negative thing I have to say about this product is the zipper system. I can see how a little bit of wear and tear might break the strap and the zipper would then be useless (especially if you don’t take care of your gear).

Neosport Wetsuit Reviews Jackjoshua Samuel, Nice Boots for the Money

These boots are excellent value for the wallet. They are watertight and good for alternate conditions, warm and cold, though if the chill factor gets too extreme you will want to purchase a mukluk instead. Neosport Wetsuit are strictly an in-kayak boot, by the way. If you have to portage, the soles are not thick enough for punishing rocks, slippery banks, etc. So bring along a good pair of sneakers or low profile climbing boots for portaging. All in all, for those who know how to use them for the purpose they are intended, these boots give you a lot of bang for minimal bucks.

Neosport Wetsuit ReviewsKyrstin Lavelle, These boots are excellent value for the wallet

Invest in these right away! I am a size 9.5 (U.S.) and got them at 10 and felt slightly big so you might consider downsizing but at your own risk. I loved walking around the beach with these because they prevented sand from getting in and protected me from broken shells. The soles are not that thick so if you plan on using these in a rocky intertidal zone….good luck, you will feel the rocks. The fit snuggly in my M (9 – 10) sized diving fins…so you can use them while wearing fins. If you are my size you will definitely get water inside and they will get heavy and constantly be having to empty them when you switch between aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Neosport Wetsuit Reviews-Schwimmer-highStephen Sedmak, Perfect boots to keep the sand out

Overall, the Final Conclusion About NeoSport Wetsuit

The boots are fantastic, the uses are fantastic. The price tag of the boots are also very reasonable and the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Hi top zipper boots offer the exact features that can be expected to be offered for that price. The boots are of good quality and are also very durable and can be used as heavy duty boots for scuba divers. The product has not known to disappoint anyone and has one of the greatest customer satisfaction rates. Hence, these NeoSport Wetsuits premium neoprene 3mm hi top zipper boots are definitely a great buy for the price it is offered at.

The thermal support with the puncture resistant sole is an added benefit so that the boots can be sued by a wide variety of people from scuba divers, kite boarders to hikers and even photographers who are exposed to wet conditions. If you are planning to work at national geographic or the discovery wild, these neoprene 3mm high top boots are a definite ingredient in your starter pack.

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