Masterbuild 20070910 30 inch black electric digital smoker.

If you are a homemaker, a chef, a professional or simply a single body who occasionally catches up with friends for a grill and beer, Masterbuild electric digital smoker is the ideal product for you. You have probably watered your mouth over smoked beef or smoked salmon in a restaurant at least once your life and do not deny it, you would have wished for a nice juicy pork chop smoked on days you were home eating heat-it-up food. Don’t you worry, for Masterbuild electric digital smoker has got you covered.

Perfect for:

Everything! If you have your office friends coming over for a weekend barbeque, or you need to impress your girlfriend with a homemade candle light dinner, or say your in laws are in town – it does not matter as long as you have got the Masterbuild electric digital smoker. When it comes to impressing people with some smoked beef, this thing works miracles! And, oh the mood it sets – the aroma of smoked meet which fill your house and remind you of those good old days: it is definitely a necessity to your home.

Why choose this brand?

Masterbuild has been in the business since the early 1970s and have mastered the art of food making intermingled with affordable technology. It is a well-known home brand and is recognized all over due to its superb quality and affordability.

Why you should choose this product is because it does not really matter if you are an expert at grilling and smoking or just a very clueless person who likes to eat good meat for dinner – Masterbuild has got your back. Anyway, you do not have to go through the hassle of charcoal or propane so that is life simplified for you!

Fabulous features:

  • Endless meat: This smoker can cook up to 80 pounds of meat in one go. The cooking space is 730 square inches on four racks giving you a spacious interior. If you have extra guests or pleasant addition over the weekend in your house, this will help you cover up the endless meat needs of your guests.
  • Side wood-chip loader: You do not have to trouble yourself to open the door of you Masterbuild which will reduce the temperature inside the smoker. All you have to do is simply, slide in your wood chips separately without all the usual fuss.
  • Removable water pan: this gives you the advantage of adding that extra little flavor to your meat. Be it vinegar, soy sauce or garlic sauce, the removable pan will hold it all!
  • Adjustable air damper: are you a light smoker or a heavy smoker? Excuse the lack of a better pun while adjusting the air damper to get the exact smoky taste you want. If you like the taste strong, simply close the air damper and enjoy your pork chop.
  • 800W heating element with digital temperature and timer controls: Afraid you will burn your good meat again? Used to the horrifying image of a blackened piece of meat? Well, never again. With the time and temperature adjustments, you could just put the meat in the Masterbuild digital smoker, totally forget about it, take a wash, get a pedicure done, go on social media and return to a beautifully smoked dinner. Mind you, it will be still hot as the smoker comes in with an in-built insulator, which will retain the heat inside. 

Specifications for the tech enthusiast:

  • Model Number – 20070910
  • Length – 19.9 inches
  • Cooking Space – 730.1 sq. inches
  • Width – 20.4 inches
  • Cooking Capacity – 1.7 cubic feet
  • Height – 33.3 inches
  • Heating Element – 800 watt
  • Weight – 45.1 pounds
  • Color – Black
  • Fuel Type – Electric

Why you should consider this product:

  • It is absolutely cheap! You will not regret spending for this product for its almost the price of a pair of Nikes but a tasty option at it.
  • Amazing customer service! You got a problem during the break of dawn? Don’t worry, sir be there in a minute. If you encounter any problem with this product, Masterbuild’s own friendly support team is here to help so they are literally, only one call away.
  • Easy to clean. There is no fuss when it comes to cleaning. All the trays are removable so that it is convenient and easy to clean. You could wash the trays or even wipe clean.
  • The smoker is well insulated so it is even suitable for cold environments. The smoker will evenly cook your meat so that you will not find any tender spots like you usually would when trying with other products.
  • The gigantic capacity! This is one of the most spacious smokers available in the market at this price. The Masterbuild electric black digital smoker offers the capacity of cooking up to 80 lbs. That is enough and more for even a small party.

Why you should hesitate to buy this product:

  • The smoker is not waterproof so you cannot use it out of doors in rainy conditions. The electric components may malfunction if it was in contact with the water. However, there is a waterproof cover, which is sold separately when it should have been included but it is only to expect at this price.
  • This product does not come with wheels or handles which is a tad bit inconvenient.

Yay or Nay?

If you need a smoker for home use – Masterbuilt smoker is a great solution. It is convenient, cost effective and compatible with all your homely needs.  Therefore, it is a great buy I’d say.