The Bushnell trs 25 riflescope has a very impressive pedigree dating back to 1948 when its founder David P. Bushnell returned to the United States from Japan after his honeymoon with two heavy crates, full of binoculars. These binoculars were manufactured on a patent owned by Bushnell in Japan, Honk Kong and Taiwan.

Since then the rise of Bushnell Corporation, though changing hands several times has been phenomenal and they have gone into the manufacture of optical and imaging products of the highest quality. Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes, Flashlights, GPS devices, Night Vision Devices, Holographic Weapon Sights, Laser range finders and very popular Rifle Scopes including the Bushnell trs 25 among many other superlative optical and imaging products that stand out tall and proud among its competition.

If it is a Riflescope that you intend acquiring then there is none better than the Bushnell trs 25 which is state of the art at its best and a product that would provide you accuracy when needed and precision when intended.

Apprising yourself about everything that the Bushnell trs 25 would deliver before and when you have a target in your sights would be in your best interests as you would need to know what it does if you are to use it at its optimum levels of performance.

Mastering the Bushnell trs 25 would be your prerogative and doing so would not be an arduous task and once you have acquired the right skills with the product you could be rest assured that once you have a target in your sights taking it down would be just as simple as squeezing the trigger gently.

The “Red Dot” technology which has revolutionized targeting has been mastered by Bushnell and what they have incorporated into the Bushnell trs 25 is far ahead of what the competition could offer.

The Bushnell trs 25 has the inherent ability to differentiate between targets and enhances accuracy with the built in reflective technology providing easy eye movement which enables the shooter to keep both eyes open without any disturbance in the sight.

Target acquisition with the Bushnell trs 25 is fast and easy providing the shooter the time needed to engage and squeeze the trigger to bring down the target.

The Bushnell trs 25 is built to withstand harsh external conditions and is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof   with a dry Nitrogen filled housing.

It is one the best “Red Dot” riflescopes available and at the price it is offered is nothing but good value for money and is light to carry and extremely perfect for outdoor and indoor shooting endeavors.

 Bushnell trs 25 battery life

The battery used is a CR2032 with a life of around three years but it is recommended that replacing it earlier depending on usage or carrying a spare would do the scope a world of good as it would not pack up when it is most needed with a target in sight.

Batteries generally do not come with a warranty hence it would be your prerogative to ensure that you have a backup if and when you need continuity in performance of your Bushnell trs 25.

 Bushnell trs 25 magnifier

The Bushnell trs 25 magnifier brings a new dimension to the scope and would sit at the rear of the scope providing an enlarged image of the target and is the perfect addition to the Bushnell trs 25.

The magnifier could be ordered as an accessory and would cost additionally.

Bushnell trs 25 lens cover

A lens cover for the Bushnell trs 25 would protect the lens from any external objects or accidental impacts or strikes when in use or transport and clipping two on either side and safeguarding the lens would be a prudent.

The lens covers are made of soft rubber and could be easily removed and re-fixed when needed and would protect the lens at all times.

 Bushnell trs 25 ar15

The Bushnell trs 25 could be mounted directly on the weapon that you would be using or it would need the AR15 riser which would help convenient installation on any weapon that you would use.

The risers come in different heights and depending on the weapon you would be using and if you are intending to use a magnifier you may need to provide provision for that too.


Bushnell trs 25 with magnifier

The Bushnell trs 25 could be ordered with an additional magnifier but what is built in would be sufficient for normal usage especially for hunting and target shooting.

The Bushnell trs 25 has been tried and tested and is a professional masterpiece hence everything that is needed for it to perform at optimum efficiency is built in and its performance in real life conditions have been exemplary and precise in operation.

When using a magnifier it may be necessary to install a riser if not the magnifier may not sit in line with the Bushnell trs 25 at the right height with the magnifier not serving the intended purpose.

 Bushnell trs 25 problems

The Bushnell trs 25 could only be fixed onto rifles with Weaver style or Picatinny rails and would need an “Allen” to help mount it and whilst doing so care should be taken to tighten the screw just about enough with over doing it as it could damage the screw threads.

The reflecting light within the Bushnell trs 25 could obscure the line of sight as the “Red Dot” technology exudes from the inside of the scope but this is not a major problem that would hinder when the target is in sight.

The illumination setting when used in the Bushnell trs 25 should be set accurately in keeping with ambient light conditions and if it is too high the “Red Dot” may appear blurry or faded this condition could also happen in a fluorescent lit environment.

If it is a “Red Dot” that you would want and at an affordable price too there is nothing to beat the Bushnell trs 25.