Polar ft7 Review & Buying Guide 2018

Polar ft7 Review Summary

Hello, there fitness freaks. Did I just say heart rate monitor? Oh yes, I did! Bid a mirthful farewell to those days you spent hours on end in the gym, working out to burn a couple of hundred of calories, not knowing when and where to stop. Well, thanks to our very own Polar FT7 Heart rate monitor, things are definitely going to get better for you because now you can track your heart rate, calorie expenditure, and even get pointers on which direction your workout is aimed at. So, fear no more as Polar FT7 heart rate monitor is here to guide you throughout your fitness career and help you achieve all your New Year body resolutions.

Performance 96
Features 94
Design 96
Usability 99
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Polar ft7 Features Reviews

Product FeaturesDetails
Product Dimensions3.8 x 4.6 x 3 inches ; 6.4 ounces
Shipping Weight6.4 ounces
Product Warranty:Yes
Average Customer Review9.6/10

Polar ft7 Review Pros & Cons

Pros of the Polar ft7:

  • Accurate data.
  • Stores information.
  • Fitness pointer feature.
  • Fabric chest strap.
  • Visuals are available.
  • Long battery life due to low power consumption.
  • LED backlight

Cons of the Polar ft7:

  • Not so durable.
  • Requires batteries.
  • Poor after sale service.
  • Unfriendly warranty.
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Most heart rate monitors in the market only measure your heart rate and that is pretty primitive compared with the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor. If you are an ordinary person, running in the mornings, a fitness enthusiast who lives in the gym, a courageous person seeking to make a body transformation – this device is made just for you. It can accommodate all your goals and give customized feedback according to your workout history.

More Insight into Polar ft7 Review:

If you want to do more of heart rate based training, Polar ft7 Review is the perfect match for you. The device will calculate calories burned in one full circuit and also is capable of giving you the total amount of calories burned during several complete circuits or sessions. This will enable you to keep a track of your achievements and calorie expenditure both in the short term as well as in the long term.

There is an easy to use, comfortable Wear Link strap to attach the device to your body and to measure your heart rate and it will fit your body shape and adjust and adapt to it. The Polar ft7 Review has an exclusive energy pointer that shows you the direction of your fitness routine. It has the capability of telling you if the main objective of your fitness schedule is weight loss or building muscle, which is pretty impressive, I dare say.

There is absolutely no need of handwritten fitness diaries with this piece of work as it can store up the details of your previous workouts so that you can monitor your progress throughout and find out where you have slacked and where you have actually worked hard and what areas of fitness you need to improve in. It also included the all newly upgraded textile transmitter which is very comfortable to wear.

Polar FT7 heart rate monitor is also equipped with the ability to visually guide you through the work out levels as you continue to progress. The exercise diary can hold up to 99 work out schedules while being able to present a 16 week summary of your fitness journey. And, let me tell you this – it cannot possibly get better than this.

People Reviews about the Polar ft7 :

People love this product! There is a 4.1-star rating for this product. People find this device used to measure their heart rates and calories burned during workouts so that they know their progress. Many fitness instructors themselves use the Polar ft7 Review as it is one reliable device that provides accurate and to the point data. There are only 9% bad ratings for this product so we can assume that 91% of the people who buy this product are satisfied with it.

You do not have to own a gym membership to own one of the Polar ft7 Review as you can clearly see that anyone who gets a little bit of exercise can own it. this is important in making your fitness goals an achievable reality as you can track where you are heading with this cute little device. It stores your data for you automatically, so you do not have to go through the entire mess of recording it by hand. The advantages of this device seem to outweigh all the disadvantages and therefore, I would totally recommend this product to anyone who watches out for their health.

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This device is equipped with the latest technology and visual capabilities to guide you step by step in your fitness journey. The heart rate monitor has a clear black and white display which has a low consumption of power and will make the batteries last longer in turn.

The energy pointer is helpful in determining where your energy is aimed at. May it be fat loss, muscle building, fitness improvement, the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor tells you which path you are on.

The smart calorie feature has the intelligence to monitor and analyze your personal fitness values and the calories burned, your heart rate, etc. to provide you with a hundred percent accurate information. The device can also be connected with gym equipment, which is compatible with Polar ft7 Review to make the tracking experience much better.

The heart rate monitor comes with a chest strap which is comfortable and does not cause irritation or body blisters. The material is made to adapt to your own unique individual body time whereas, in other products, you would have to adjust to the strap.

As an added advantageous feature, if you are a beach buddy, the Polar ft7 Review is also 30 meters water resistant.

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