Humminbird 899ci hd ci

If you are a regular angler or an occasional fisherman or simply accompanying your dad or grandfather to the lake, the modern technology will save you from sitting hour after hour in a fishless position and emerge at the end of the day with a tiny trout. Fish finders are here to help you hook the big fish and make you a very happy man at the end of the day. It works almost like a scanning machine, to penetrate the water body to identify the fish and locate on your Humminbird899ci hd ci device.

In theory:

The transmitter converts a sound wave, similar to the sonar by an underwater transducer and sent into the water, and when it hits a target object such as a fish, it immediately converts the size, and shape and composition of it. Hence, it is an essential instrument for the sporting usage and leisurely activity of fishing.

About Humminbird 899ci hd ci:

This device is especially designed to ignore the clutter under water with the use of high frequency sonar waves. It can be very useful for rural fishing treats or lakes with a lot of growth on it. With the use of this device, you can directly get to your target without much of a fuss. The Humminbird 899ci hd ci boasts one of the clearest images you could get using a fish finder. It accommodates a 480’ side-imaging technology, which gives you a crisp display of what is underneath your boat. The XHS-9-HDSI transducer is used for this purpose that is of extremely great quality. The 1000W transducer supports 800/455/200/83 kHz frequencies, and it could reach up to a depth of 150’ in side imaging mode and 1500’ in broadband mode, which I dare say, is amazing. The Side Imaging Sonar gives an absolutely clear, virtual photographic images of structure and the bottom of the water body which is optimum in finding out the structure or the composition. The coverage is a gigantic 480 feet from side to side. Anglers will be able to scan their sporting place in no time and use their time effectively without idling hours away.

This device hosts a unique feature, which is also available in older models, which is the SwitchFire. It gives anglers total control over the 2D sonar display in two special modes. Max mode allows for minute details while clear mode fill filter the unnecessary scam and provide only the structure and the fish. The new colour palettes adjust well with bright light and other overcast conditions. The display is big and clear so that you could mount your device and observe even from a few feet away. The developed mode allows you to see the exact distance of object from your boat which is helpful in deciding whether or not to move closer to it or not. It is important to know this information in extreme waters where sometimes, dangerous things are lying about.

On the downside however, Humminbird 899ci hd ci uses the old 700-series style networking so you will have to possess network adapters or an Ethernet switch to connect to another Ethernet equipped Humminbird. The 899 is issued with a dual SD card reader. The GPS comes preloaded with Humminbird ContourXD maps, which is compatible with Navionics Gold and HotMaps upgrades. Humminbird further allows a full 240 feet coverage around your boat and is ideal for the tech angler on board.

Nerd facts:

Display Resolution – 800 x 480 pixels.

Diagonal Size (metric) – 17.8 cm.
Low Voltage Power DC 10 – 20 V.

Product Line – Humminbird 800 Series.
Model – 899ci HD ci.
Diagonal Size – 7 m.
Selective Fish ID+, sonar echo enhancement, sonar recording.
Included transducer.
Transducer Name – XHS-9-HDSI-
dual-beam.Transducer Mount – transom.
Maximum Depth – 1500 feet.
Target Separation – 2.5 inches.
Beam width – 20/60/(2)55/(2)86 degrees.
Operating Frequency – 83/200/455/800 kHz.
Power Output (Peak to Peak) – 8000W.

Power Output (RMS) – 1000W.

Transducer Features – built-in temperature sensor, side imaging.
Width – 10.7 inches.
Depth – 2.5 inches.

Height – 6 inches.

1-year warranty.


This product thrills most people as it works perfectly and the Max mode is a favourite among angler. Not many reliable quality fish finders are out there but Humminbird is a good brand name that has mastered the craft of this device over the years. The regular fish finders in local stores are often not accurate and not very durable but the Humminbird 899ci hd ci provides the accuracy, the precision you need. It is durable and the display is of superior quality which enables you to see and determine objects more clearly.


Most people have been asking for a software update so hopefully that will come around soon which is the main down point of this product at the moment. Further the instruction manual is on a CD which most people find annoying as it is of no use on water. Their opinion is that a printed instruction manual would be appropriate for the money they spend. Also, most people are of the opinion that side imaging is not that much of a big deal but opinion vary on that point.

Overall, the product is of good quality and is definitely worth the price for as long as there were customer complains about little things, no issue has arisen so far as to the quality or the durability of the product which is great, in my opinion. It certainly has a few negligible cons but in considering the whole of Humminbird 899ci hd ci, I would say that it is a quality product to own and definitely a bargain at that price. If you are more of an extreme angler, additional features are available if you contact the Humminbird Company and they will be ready to assist you in improving your device. I would definitely try this product, as it is great as it sounds and comes with a replacing warranty up to one year.